Niagara Falls – the best place for a honeymoon

When you sit down at honeymoon sites, then Niagara Falls is everyone's top priority. With relatively cheap tickets for the return trip, it's hard to miss. It is a picturesque and at the same time a place where people are most enchanted by the view of nature and its miracles.


12,000 years ago, the Earth shifted and created two amazing waterfalls, Niagara Falls. While "American Falls" 180 feet tall and 1,075 feet wide is the narrowest of the two, "Horseshoe Falls" is 170 feet tall and 2,200 feet wide. They both amaze in their own way. Later, it also gives you the opportunity to cross borders and enjoy Canada as well.

Where is Niagara Falls?

About half an hour's drive from New York City will take you to Niagara Falls by any means of transportation. The airport is within easy reach with a regular flight schedule. Transport, etc. It is easily accessible. You can also get a limousine at cheap prices. You can also buy cheap Amtrak train tickets in and out of Buffalo.

It goes extra miles

For everyone who wants to go the extra mile and cross the border, they should keep a few things in mind. Proof of citizenship is a must for entry into Canada. This can be a passport, original or certified birth certificate, photo identification number, such as a driver's license. One document is not enough. Depending on the process, it takes about ten to twenty minutes.

You should also be prepared to answer some questions about your trip, where and for how long you plan your stay, etc. Passports are also required.

Please note that visitors must pay a return tax if they exceed the personal purchase limit. Stay 24 hours in Canada for $ 50 for 48 hours or more with Canada $ 200.