Quick money for a walk in the winter

With the “year of austerity” stigma firmly imprinted on 2011 and the remnants of winter still to be fought, it is no wonder that many people dream of distant sunny places – but after the pound collapsed, additional pressure on household bag, how do you find the money to finance an escape? Here’s our guide on how to get quick money for a much-needed winter getaway.

Delayed payment

Credit card payments should be carefully planned – if you are concluding a new contract, check the interest rates and balance transfers with different providers. Determining the deadline by which full repayment must be made is also important, be sure to set an achievable goal and take into account the cost of any interest fees.

Clean and cash

The new year is a great time to clean up; empty drawers, cupboards, sheds and garages and point out things that have not been used for more than a year and can be abandoned – after all, one person’s rubbish is a treasure for another. Nowadays, independent selling can’t be easier, whether you’re choosing sites for online auctions, luggage sales or local ads.

Awareness of values

While pawnbrokers on the main streets have been around for years, new e-commerce sites are coming to the fore and challenging the market. Offering quick money for all kinds of valuables, some operators even offer sellers a loan period, at the end of which they can either hand over their items or buy them back at exactly the same price – and without hidden costs or fees. So for those of you looking for a short-term raise to pay for a winter trip, this itinerary offers funds right away with the option to return your goods on return at exactly the same price. Sellers should look for suppliers by comparing the loan period, interest rates, estimates and collection / administration fees.

Extra time and extra hours

One way to raise extra income is to work more hours – if available. Whether it’s extra work or overtime, make your money and make sure the hours are paid – consider the tax consequences, whether you’ll save time and a half, and when you’ll actually get paid.

Festive exchange

Exchanging a vacation home will not provide quick money, but it can drastically reduce the cost of your much-needed vacation. The decline in the pound has made the UK a much more accessible holiday destination – significantly opening up exchange opportunities. A whole community has built up around the idea of ​​exchanging homes, research online, but be prepared to be flexible about dates and locations.