Here are some ways to make quick money online

Make money … No site, product or list

If your main assets are the relationships you have built with other marketers in your niche, then you can make money – even if you don’t have a website, product or list.

How? By becoming a joint venture broker (JV). Instead of contacting marketers to ask them to promote your products, you are contacting marketers to ask them to join other marketers’ affiliate programs. Then you take a share of each sale (usually about 5% or even 10%).

Your job is not only to recruit affiliates and partners in a joint venture, but to keep in touch with them before launching the product, to motivate them, to hold affiliate competitions and whatever else you need to do to keep affiliates happy and make money. In short, it’s a pretty easy way to use your existing relationships to make money.

Put your knowledge to work for you

Do you have a degree or experience in something like biology, math, English or another subject?

If so, you can get paid to become a virtual tutor on sites like tutor dot com.

Tip: You can also place ads on sites like CraigsList to offer your services as a tutor. Or if you prefer to do this offline in your local area, then you can place ads in the local newspaper, in the school newspaper, on a flyer in the grocery store and other bulletin boards with high traffic.

Consult your way to quick money

Maybe your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexperience is not in a school subject, but rather in an area that is of interest to business. For example, you may know something about marketing, internet marketing, advertising, productivity, employee motivation, accounting, cost reduction, or the like.

If so, then turn that experience into cold, hard consulting dollars. Create a virtual board (website) and let everyone know that you are offering your experience. You can advertise in the usual places (online or offline) or you can find customers through cold calls, direct mail or even go to work for a personal visit.